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“I was calling many law firms to get more information about a potential case. Most turned me down as there may not be interest or their costs associated with a consultation. While I didn’t mind paying for a consultation, it was really hard to depict which lawyer to go with as there’re many different specialties and I’m not familiar with most of them. Time was also sensitive. I feel very fortunate I found Brett Christopher Drouet as he provided assistance and some direction on my next steps even though what I needed was not part of his practice and it was free of charge. Brett was patient answering my questions. And didn’t speak so fast with bunch of terms I couldn’t relate or understand (just based on my own experiences with few other lawyers). I’d recommend Brett as he was very professional and knowledgeable. Really appreciate all of his information.”– Karen L.

“Brett did an awesome job for my husband and me! I’ve never been in a situation where I needed a lawyer or needed to settle with an insurance company so going into the case I was very nervous and skeptical. Brett quenched all my fears and anxiety I had about the process very quickly. He was very professional and friendly and really took the time to take a legit interest in my case. We are extremely thankful to have had him involved and heading this entire thing and making sure the case was resolved in a fair settlement.”– Marcella H.

“Got 100% from the claim. I was informed all the time. Where is my case standing Got complete knowledge of my rights. 100% satisfied. Thank you for great service. Highly recommend to anyone. That needs a good lawyer. He is the best.”– Meir R.

“Having Attorney Brett on my corner has been a Godsend. His responsiveness, analytical skills, research skills, speaking and listening skills made a world of difference because he handled everything for me with my best interest in mind. Brett was very communicative during the entire process of my case. He listened to my concerns, he dealt with everything while I was recuperating from my injuries. He always had my best interest and the outcome showed. If you ever need someone on your side to fight for you, Brett is the best in his field.”– L.C.

“Brett Drouet is an amazing lawyer. He was knowledgeable; detail oriented and exceeded my expectations. He explained the process and kept me informed throughout. If you need a lawyer, he is the one to call.”– Kevin R.

“I really recommend Brett Drouet, he was a great lawyer. He was very attentive, passionate in representing me.”– Ivonne O.

“ I love, love my lawyer. Brett Drouet was so helpful, smart, and guided me to the finish. I would recommend him to family and friends.”– Emelea F.

“Thank you, thank you for being a great lawyer. Brett Drouet knows what he is doing and kept me informed. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.”– Rod M.

“Brett Drouet is a great attorney, very attentive, and he earned my respect. My case went far better than I could imagine. Call him if you want a great attorney.”– Linda Y.

“Brett Drouet did an incredible job on my case.”– Doug M.

“Brett Drouet handled my case with professionalism. He was available for me to call him at all hours. I am grateful for his stellar work and highly recommend him.”– Allen P.

“Brett Drouet was relentless in the pursuit of justice for me. He is so knowledgeable and a great lawyer and person. I refer family and friends to him.”– Phil K.

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