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Have you been injured in a trucking accident in Los Angeles or Carlsbad, CA? If so, you already know how horrific trucking accidents can be. They can do enormous amounts of damage, both to property and to human bodies, leaving wreckage in their wake.

Trucking accidents are far more common than most people think. Every year, there are approximately 500,000 trucking accidents in the United States alone. Around 130,000 of those accidents result in serious injuries, and around 5,000 result in the death of at least one driver or passenger. Put in context, this means that someone is killed or seriously injured in a trucking accident every fifteen minutes.

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There are several reasons why accidents trucking accidents tend to be more destructive than, for instance, accidents involving passenger vehicles.

  • Size: Obviously, one of the main reasons that trucking accidents are so destructive is the sheer size of trucks and the attached trailers, as well as the weight of the loads they carry. 18-wheeler trucks can legally carry 80,000 pounds of cargo at any given time. It is easy to see how a passenger sedan would fare poorly in a collision with a truck that large.
  • Brake Capacity: Because trucks are so large, it is often difficult for them to come to sudden and complete stops. This means that it is more difficult for a truck driver to avoid an accident that they may have been able to avoid had they been operating a passenger vehicle.
  • Increased Risk of Drivers: Though there are law, rules, and regulations in place to address this issue, long-haul truckers often operate on less sleep than they need to be completely alert. These drivers are often under enormous pressure to make good time, requiring them to stay up for marathon drives. With less sleep, drivers have less of a handle on their reflexes, which makes it harder to react in real time and avoid accidents.

If you have been injured in trucking accident, Personal Injury Attorney Brett Drouet can help. With offices in Los Angeles and Carlsbad, CA, Attorney Drouet has the knowledge and experience to help you pursue just compensation for your trucking accident injury.

Attorney Drouet’s services for trucking accident survivors include:

  • Investigation: Attorney Drouet will gather all possible evidence for your case, including documentation, witness and expert testimony, audiovisual guides, and even CCTV and cell phone footage, when possible.
  • Strategizing: Attorney Drouet will closely examine your case from all angles, developing the best possible strategy for pursuing the damages you deserve.
  • Facing off Against Insurance Companies: Attorney Drouet knows how to talk to insurance companies, who all too often do everything they can to get out of paying the rightful claims of trucking accident survivors. His expert representation will make it clear to insurance companies that you mean business, and are not going to accept lowball offers, strong-arming, or inappropriately long delays.
  • Negotiation and Litigation: In negotiations, Attorney Drouet will represent your best interests to ensure that you get the security and compensation that you deserve. Attorney Drouet is also fully prepared to go to Court on your behalf, even while trying to avoid the extra costs and stress of trial whenever possible.

Are you looking for a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles or Carlsbad, CA? Call Attorney Brett Drouet for a free consultation on your case today.

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