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What Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Construction Accidents In California?

In my experience, some of the most common causes of construction accidents in California are:

  • Inattention
  • Failure to comply with labor codes and safety measures on job sites
  • Lack of training
  • Lack of safeguards

Those are the main reasons why people get injured on these job sites.

I Have Been Severely Injured In An Industrial Accident. Who Is Liable For My Injuries?

The liable parties for your accident depend on the nature of the accident as well as the location of the accident.

For instance, if the accident occurred on-site at a private home, several parties could be held liable. Potentially liable parties include the homeowner, the contractor in charge of the site/project as a whole, a subcontractor in charge of the job site that day or in charge of a particular area of the site or project, and/or the person or people that caused the injury itself.

If you were injured in an accident that occurred on-site while working on a larger construction or industrial project, there would be a similar but slightly different set of people who could be held liable. Potentially liable parties include the owner of the project site and/or the commissioner of the project (under certain circumstances), as well as different types of contractors, sub-contractors and general contractors managing the project, and the person or people that caused the injury themselves.

What Types Of Severe Injuries Do People Commonly Sustain In Construction Accidents?

Construction accidents can be extremely serious, and can cause grievous, life-long injuries. These run the gamut from fractures and breaks to neck and back injuries, loss of extremities and limbs, full or partial paralysis/loss of mobility, traumatic brain injuries, and even death.

I’ve Been Severely Injured In A Construction Accident. What Steps Do I Need To Take To Get Fair Compensation And Protect My Case?

If you have been severely injured in a construction accident, the first step you need to take is to report the accident. You should report the accident no matter what sort of site you were working on when you were injured. Whether it was a private job site or a larger construction site, you should contact OSHA to report the accident and trigger an investigation.

You should also hire an attorney as soon as you possibly can. Specifically, you should find an attorney who is experienced in and skilled at representing people who have been injured in construction accidents. An experienced attorney will know what to do to further protect you and your case. They will also be able to conduct the level of investigation that you need for your case. While an OSHA investigation will be helpful, it might not happen quickly enough to be helpful for you, and it also might not give you all of the answers and information that you need. You will need a specific investigation to determine who is responsible for your accident and who can therefore be held liable, and an attorney who knows how to use that information to pursue the best settlement you can get.

Do I Need To Hire A Loss Angeles Construction Accident Attorney To Help Me Get A Fair Settlement In My Personal Injury Case?

If you have suffered severe and significant injuries from a construction accident in Los Angeles or San Diego, you should absolutely hire a skilled construction accident attorney to represent you. You should hire an attorney for the same reason that you would seek professional medical attention for a serious injury. While you might not need to go to the doctor for a scraped knee, you would definitely need to go to the doctor to get your gallbladder removed or to have open heart surgery. There are some things that require the services of a skilled, trained, and certified professional.

Does Worker’s Compensation Affect Personal Injury Cases?

Worker’s compensation will not affect your ability to pursue a personal injury case.

If you are injured in an accident while working, you may or may not have access to worker’s compensation. This depends on the nature of the accident, the nature of your employment there, and your relationship to the person that brought you to the work site. If you are a standard employee with an employment contract who has been working for your employer for a certain number of days, you will likely have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim.

In cases where you are eligible for and/or receive worker’s compensation, you also have the right to bring a personal injury claim pursuant to your injuries. However, if you are receiving worker’s compensation payments, you can only bring a personal injury claim if it is not against an employee of your employer.

In cases where you are ineligible for worker’s compensation for one reason or another, you can file a personal injury claim against any responsible parties instead. For more information on Personal Injury Law in California, a free initial consultation is your next best step.

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